SEO = ?

For anybody confused by computer and Internet jargon, I want to present a story. This helps answer the question: What is Search Engine Optimization?

A man finishes work on a Friday and goes home. He looks in the mirror and says “I want to meet three beautiful women tonight. I want them to adore me. I think I will need to dress well, have good hair and clean my teeth.” He takes a shower, gets dressed, combs his hair, brushes his teeth and departs for the bar.

At the bar, he meets three beautiful women. Sure enough, they adore him. All three give him their names and phone numbers. They whisper to each other “He is wonderful. He dresses well, he has good hair and he has clean teeth.”

His SEO campaign worked. He tweaked his appearance to meet what he thought his target audience wanted. How is your Internet marketing working? Are you attracting the right prospects? Are you attracting any prospects?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your web pages to match what your target audience wants to find. To make this work, you need three facets in your strategy:

  • Content
  • Currency
  • Backlinks

Content” is the verbiage, audio files, pictures and movies you publish to the Internet. Search engines (and people too) like content. The more the better.

Currency” is the freshness of the content. When your web pages are new, they appear more attractive to the search engines. They just seem to draw more attention and get you higher placement than old, stale pages.

Backlinks” refers to others’ web pages that have links back to yours. When others find your content valuable and they link back to your web pages, the search engines assign yours a higher score.

When you hire us to run your SEO campaign, we start by asking for all the material you have on your business. The more content the better. We will also arrange recorded interviews that wil be transcribed and massaged into your 1,000-plus word manifesto. This gives us adequate content to launch the campaign. Of course, we will consistently ask for and generate more content.

Maybe this works and maybe this doesn’t. Go google “Sacramento business revival” and see Mark’s dominance of the Google results. Go google “Rohnert Park dental lab” and meet our client, Kris Nothwang of Oral Restorative Prosthetics.


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