Create a mastermind

You can find or create a group of small business owners who openly share valuable insights. The members are successful in their fields. Everybody feels they gain by participating in this group. These are called Masterminds.

The Mastermind was not my idea. Our great nation was formed by a Mastermind. John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Richard Henry Lee became disgruntled with British rule and organized a Correspondence Committee “for the purpose of friendly cooperation for the Betterment of the Colonies of British America.”[i]

A Mastermind is a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a positive manner, to help achieve a definite purpose.” A Mastermind has two characteristics:

  • Economic. People want to make money and gain advice on how to do that. Napoleon Hill says most of history’s richest men had utilized Masterminds.
  • Psychic. When two or more people get together and think about something, they generate an energy which is greater than the sum of its parts. The solution is stronger than what the members could have thought of individually. Napoleon Hill says: “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” [ii] I’ve seen this happen in good staff meetings and on successful sports teams. Perhaps you have witnessed this too.

Stack your Mastermind with valuable people. Consider your desired profession and find others in complimentary professions. I am a computer network consultant. If I were creating a Mastermind today, I would choose an accountant, realtor, insurance broker, lawyer, coach and financial advisor who I already consider as friends. I’m sure each could contribute something valuable to the group. I know they would expect the same from me. Masterminds work when members share valuable time and information. They fail when members expect to receive without giving.

If you cannot find a Mastermind, create one. You can find attractive candidates at Chamber of Commerce events, Successful Thinkers meetings, Rotary clubs and other networking organizations. Remember, the support systems you find will probably be the best places to find attractive candidates. You can also review your list of vendors, business partners and customers. Some of them may be thinking of a Mastermind group too.

[i] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, pages 163 and 195.

[ii] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, pages 163 and 195.

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