Is this Mark’s BIO page?

Yes. Today’s special guest speaker is Mark Anthony Germanos. Mark is joining us from Cameron Park Computer Services, which is based between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. He will be sharing information to help us save money and yes, he will be expecting audience participation.

Mark is a business author, speaker and consultant. He finds ways people are wasting money and helps them break those habits. Mark helps people have fun and make money with Internet marketing, SEO and social media campaigns that work. He also moves people to the cloud, where everything works and the cost is usually less. Yes, he is a computer guy and has been since 1992.

Mark is a 1989 graduate of Michigan State University. Let me save you the math…44. He is not the only Internet marketing guy out there, but he does get results. He encourages you to google “Sacramento small business revival” to see his work in action. He wrote How to Make Computer Systems Work for You and Escape the Cubicle to help business owners…run their businesses better and make more money.

Mark runs a small business and will be showing you one of the tools he uses to save money. You may find it valuable for your business too. Fair enough?

An avid cyclist, Mark has a life, a dream wife and a dog. Please help me welcome our special guest speaker…Mark Anthony Germanos!


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