Did your Internet marketing person flunk high school English class?

30 Jul

I am reposting a Blog entry from one of my competitors. I am correcting some of their grammatical mistakes. Let me ask…if someone apparently flunked high school English class or doesn’t care enough to proofread their content, would you want them doing your Internet marketing? Here is the edited entry.

…A new Blog that is starting to turn the heads of a lot of Sacramento Internet marketing companies. The Blog was announced last week and includes information that is not usually free of charge. According to the Blog, it was launched to provide people and businesses in Sacramento with information about Internet marketing.

Typically, an Internet marketing consultant would provide an individual or a business with all of the information they need to know about internet marketing. The consulting part is usually a part of the sales pitch and is what gets businesses to sign contracts with SEO, Pay Per Click or Web Design firms here in California. This Blog (incorrect link) is using resources from many SEO firms as well as information that is already readily available on the Internet. It has many Internet marketing and consulting firms turning heads because the information is spot on with exactly what is going on in the SEO industry. Some consultants even believe the Blog is owned by a major online company and is using it to simply attract attention.

“I am pretty sure this Blog is owned and operated by Bing. It is hard for me to believe that a big corporation like Google or Yahoo would give away this information and even harder for me to believe that a marketing consultant would be giving away this information.”

The blog looks like it is being regularly posted on (has significant traffic), so stay tuned for the information it will provide.

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