Sacramento SEO – How to make an A/B test work for your SEO campaign

20 Jul

You’re running your business. You’re doing your own marketing or contracting out the marketing to someone you can hold accountable. You are measuring results. How do you know if your marketing is delivering the strongest possible return? I want to introduce a very powerful strategy: A/B testing.

A/B testing involves creating two nearly identical campaigns. They are identical except for one item. The item may be a headline, a picture or a font color.

For example, suppose you had an SEO campaign that involved display ads that appear on the right margin of Facebook News Feeds. You could run two identical campaigns with identical headlines, verbiage and colors. You can change one variable. For this campaign, you could change the picture. Make half the ads appear with a picture of a woman and make the other ads appear with a picture of a man. Make the ad with a woman send guests to one landing page and make the ad with a man send guests to another landing page. These landing pages would be identical, except for the URL (web address).

After a week, check your results. You may find the ads with a woman received more clicks than the ad with the man. You can measure this by viewing your logs and seeing how many visits the first landing page received, vs. how many visits the second page received. Use this knowledge to your benefit. Use the woman’s picture next time you run this campaign. The woman’s picture…just generates better results.

You can use this same strategy for newsletters. I have an A/B campaign scheduled to run next month. I send newsletters every Tuesday at 10:00 AM. I can review the open rate through my provider. I feel the open rate is not as high as I want it to be. I believe Tuesday is a good day to send newsletters, but I am unsure that 10:00 AM is a good time.

I have written and scheduled my next six newsletters. These will go out every Tuesday next month. I am testing the time. Half the newsletters will go out at 10:00 AM and half will go out at 7:00 AM. That is the only variable I am changing. Everything else…will remain the same. I will check the results at the end of the month and see which newsletters had a higher open rate. Do the reports indicate 10:00 AM is better, or is 7:00 AM better? We can debate that question for an entire month. I would rather wait until after all of next month’s newsletters have gone out, and then check the results.

Do you want to outsmart this? I hope not. I know some people will try to outsmart this strategy and change more than one variable. For the newsletter example, they might try an A/B test for the time and also run an A/B test with two different templates. DO NOT fall into this trap. When you’re testing marketing ideas, change only one variable, review the results and then move forward. This will give you concise information to help you make better decisions. If you change more than one variable, you will see different results but not know which variable was responsible. Was it the distribution time or the template? If you try testing both at the same time, your results may be inconclusive.


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