Sacramento SEO firm shows 3 winning ways to attract your ideal customers with Internet marketing

18 Jul

With 20-plus years in the computer business, Cameron Park Computer Services has a proven track record of providing valuable solutions for its clients. Online marketing is no exception. Cameron Park Computer’s President, Mark Anthony Germanos, advises that you can use three different winning Internet marketing strategies to attract your ideal customers.

  1. Sacramento PPC Gold. PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a strategy that lets you bid for placement in search results. The Pay Per Click ads typically reside on the right side of the screen. The more you are willing to pay, the more prominent your ad will appear when your ideal customers search for the keywords you are targeting. “Yes, it is an online auction, and it is not for everyone,” says Germanos, “you need to identify your ideal customers and create a very concise campaign. Make sure you write a Statement of Work and set a very concise budget.” You can have big success and you can have big disappointments. It all depends how well you manage your PPC campaign. If you are new to Internet marketing, you should probably contract out your Internet marketing to someone you can hold accountable and who gets results. For those who have had a bad experience with Internet marketing, the culprit is usually a sloppy campaign that spent too much money and did not specify the desired outcomes. Do not fall into this trap.
  2. Sacramento Social Media Gold. Your ideal customers are using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. You have to be there too. More and more, people are seeking solutions within their preferred service. For example, suppose you are a chiropractor and your ideal customer goes to Facebook and posts a message on his wall: “I need a chiropractor. Where should I go”? Chances are very high some of their friends will respond with recommendations for local chiropractors. You ideal customer will have a list of chiropractors that were referred by his friends. You may or may not be one of them. If you are on social media, you increase your chances you will be on that list. The opposite is also true.
  3. Sacramento SEO Gold. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves using Internet tools to help your ideal customers find you. Folks looking for your service may go to Google and type in keywords for the product or service you offer. If your Internet marketing campaign is working, they will find you. If not, they will find your competitors. An early step in your Internet marketing campaign involves developing a solid idea who your ideal customer is, what pain they want to cure and what they will type. Your web site and blogs will have content very attractive to your ideal customer. They will see you as the solution to their problem and then reach out to you. Of course, the opposite is also true. SEO usually generates the most honest, long-term results. For SEO to work, you must be patient. You must contribute content to online blogs, press release sites and article submission sites. You will have to wait at least 60-90 days before seeing any results BUT you must have faith. Google will assign you credibility and reward you with prominent placement in the search results. It takes time. All good things do.

Mark Anthony Germanos uses Internet tools to help your ideal customers find you, your products and your services. Mark uses SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to help his clients get on page 1 and attract more business. Mark’s Sacramento SEO Gold package includes creating a 6,000 word document with abundant content for your online presence. Sacramento SEOGold will not produce instant gratification, but Sacramento SEO Gold works, gets people on page 1 and creates long-term benefits. Google Sacramento business revival or Sacramento cloud computing to see Mark’s SEO strategies in action. Mark is available at 530-677-8864 and at


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