Who would you rather do business with?

13 Jul

When I give speeches about Internet marketing and your online presence, I always add a slide showing two widely divergent pictures:


I introduce this slide by saying: “With all other factors being equal, who would you rather do business with”? People chuckle and give me weird looks, but it truly is a serious question. Visitors will find your profiles and see your picture before they see your name. The picture will inspire them to continue investigating you or to quickly find someone else.

One picture has a slogan across someone’s butt and the other has a picture of a celebrity in a suit. Say what you will about Mr. Trump…he is very successful. He dresses great. He dresses like a serious businessman. You can search for Donald Trump pictures and find an avalanche of pictures with Mr. Trump in a suit. It’s his brand. It’s partly responsible for his success and celebrity.

Now let me ask you…what pictures are you posting of yourself online? Are they professional, businessman suit pictures like Donald Trump, or are they pictures so distasteful that you’re pushing people away? Your call.

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