Getting good SEO results is like building 6-pack abs

12 Jul

Sometimes people work hard on a marketing campaign and expect immediate results. I am sad to say: marketing campaigns do not work that way. A campaign for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like a campaign for good 6-pack abs.

A man wakes up one day and decides he wants 6-pack abs. He goes to the gym. He works out for eight hours and then looks in the mirror. No 6-pack abs. He loses faith. He thinks his time at the gym is wasted. In reality, his expectation for near immediate results was defective.

Another man wakes up one day and decides he wants 6-pack abs. He goes to the gym for an hour and also decides to stop eating movie theater popcorn. He goes to the gym five days per week for an hour. He does this for 26 weeks. At the end of 26 weeks, he looks in the mirror. Sure enough, he has developed 6-pack abs. He looks great. His campaign was successful.

Let me ask how you set expectations for your SEO campaigns. Do you work hard for one day and then check results, or do you develop a solid habit and stick with it day after day, week after week? I know people who posted three tweets and then waited for the phone to ring. That does not happen. You need to build a critical mass and then wait for the results. They do not happen overnight. If you build and maintain good habits, good results will eventually manifest. Have faith.


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