Get mail somewhere else…

11 Jun

When you start your business, you should find someplace besides your home to receive postal mail and packages. You need an alternate physical address. This does not include a post office box at the local post office. They won’t accept UPS or FedEx deliveries. I am a big advocate of an alternate physical address. Here’s why:

· You need an address to post in your online profiles and web site. This should be someplace where you do not live, since you don’t know who will show up and when they will arrive. People call me on Sunday morning asking for computer help. Could you image if they saw my residence address at my web site? If you are running a business from your home, get a mailbox at a local UPS Store or similar provider that will let you receive postal mail and deliveries.

· Keep your kids safe. I’ve stopped counting how many of my friends post pictures of their kids online and also list their home address on their web site or Facebook profile. This is dangerous. Predators could find your kids’ pictures, find your address and then pay you an unpleasant visit. Do not post your residence address online.

· On the marketing front, you should register your business with Google Places. Google Places will ask you to verify you own the business by sending a postcard or calling. Every time I’ve registered a new business, Google sent a postcard and asked me or my client to call an 800 number. I know some people say they are a virtual business or run the business from a car, but Google Places needs to send the postcard somewhere. Make sure they have a valid address and make sure it is not your residence.


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