Why websites are useless

23 May

Your website is useless and should probably be taken down. Here’s why:

1. Your web site is out of date. Most of the sites I review when people ask me to look at their site and ask me what I think…are old. I’ve seen some that are more than 5 years old and the owners complain that they generate no business. They do not even know how many visitors the site attracts in a given month. I’ve seen some that promote the copyright date. Some of those copyrights were more than 5 years old. Having a 5 year old copyright on your web site is a declaration that you don’t care anymore.

2. Your web site is too tough to manage. When we create web sites, we work immensely to make sure the colors, fonts and graphics are perfect. People spend tremendous amounts of time creating web sites themselves or with an outside contractor. When the site is done, everybody says: “whew, I’m glad that is finally finished.” They try making small changes and find that word wrap, line wrap and picture places gets severely altered. Pictures that used to appear on the right now appear on the left. Text that used to appear above the fold (on the top of the screen without scrolling down the page) now appears somewhere below the fold. The small project has become a mess. I know someone who changed one word and ended up taking his web site home page out of service.

3. Alternatives exist. One of my domains actually points to a blog at My formatting there isn’t as beautiful as the formatting on my static web site, but I know I can update the blog with a quick e-mail from MS Outlook. I do not have to worry about colors, word wrap, line wrap or pictures moving. Those details are frozen in a template. My task is to write good content and attract readers. Life has become easier.

If you are looking a redoing your web site, ask if you really want to redo it. You can create a blog that will have more currency (newness), be easier to update and cost you much less than a web site redesign.


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