GM Says Facebook Ads Don’t Pay Off

17 May

This headline appeared on May 15. Yes, something business owners have suspected has been loudly declared by a Fortune 500. Facebook advertising does not work. Here’s why.

Facebook users are not in buying mode. They go to Facebook and other social media sites to connect with their peers, coworkers, suppliers, industry leaders, coaches, friends and others who they fell can help make life easier. They are looking for networking events, training and fun activities. I’ve won tickets to riverboat cruises and Sacramento Kings games through Facebook.

It is a place where people go to create connections and establish expert status. Some of my closest and most respected friends have 1,000-plus Facebook friends and post often. One of my Facebook friends is a local realtor who also teaches real estate classes at a local community college. She creates connections with her very visible presence and she establishes her expertise by sharing her successes with banks, mortgage companies and nervous sellers.

We do not go to Facebook when we are looking to buy something. We go to Google. That is why Facebook is not a good avenue for asking people to buy your products. Follow General Motors’ lead on this one… I am responding to


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