Why should I use YouTube?

15 May

YouTube is a very powerful marketing tool. You should make YouTube part of your marketing strategy because the audience is large and the cost is small. YouTube provides 4 Billion video views per day (see for background info). You can create a YouTube account at no cost. YouTube is a service that lets people create homemade videos and post them online for a worldwide audience. It is a great place to post and share content. Content can appear as static text or as something dynamic, like video.

I encourage clients to use video and post their videos at When you put content in a video and post it at YouTube, you enjoy two benefits: 1) it is dynamic and therefore more interesting than static text, and 2) YouTube is part of the Google family and therefore you can leverage a Google service in Google searches. With all other factors being equal, Google will keep searchers within the Google family before showing links to sites outside the Google family.

You can create a video at your desk, in your living room or in your garage. Your set does not have to be immaculate. When you embark upon creating a video, you need 1) good lighting, 2) an absence of background noise and 3) a script. Yes, you need a script. Having a script will let you identify exactly what you want to say, say it smoothly and get the task done quickly. Sometimes people say they do not want to appear on camera. They think they do not look good on camera. If that is your mindset…if you do not like how you look on camera, then join the party. Last year, Reese Witherspoon said she did not like how she looked on camera. I beg to differ. With that in mind, go to work on your video.


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