What should I do before I create a video?

15 May

People look at me fearfully when I tell them to create a short YouTube video promoting their product or service. Here is a simple checklist you can follow to create a homemade video.

1. Write a script. We speak at a pace of 2 words per second. If you write a 60 word script, you will probably need 30 seconds to read it.

2. Rehearse the script. Get to a point where you can recite the script from memory and have a maximum of three “peeks” at the script. You should look at the camera most of the time.

3. Find a place with good lighting. I attach a floodlight to the tripod and point it upward.

4. Make sure background noise is minimal. Make sure the kids are gone and the TV is off. Turn off any fans.

5. Perform three dry runs. Mount your camera and turn on the light. Read your script and make sure you are comfortable reading the script BEFORE turning on the camera.

6. When ready, turn on the camera and start filming. Do not think about how good you look on camera. Just record and be comfortable.

This takes practice. You will get good at this slowly and surely. Have faith that you will become good at making videos and reach a state where you can create a 30 second video from scratch in under 30 minutes. Remember…slow and steady progress is key.


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