Who is your ideal customer?

13 May

Yes, I am asking you to identify your ideal customer. As soon as you do, you will know how to tailor your marketing messages and placement. Your marketing messages will have higher impact because they have higher appeal to your ideal customers.

Let’s start with age, education and income level. Is your ideal customer a 18-24 year old student, a 30-something housewife or a 70-year-old retiree. They have different interests, spending habits and needs. Is your ideal customer a student, high school grad, college grad or MBA. The education level will tell you what they want out of life and what they will probably seek when they go shopping. What is the income level? Are they making $10/hour cash, $110/hour as a consultant of $1,000,000-plus a year as a C-level decision maker at a multinational corporation? You need to know what they can afford.

This is a good start. Future blog posts will probe additional traits in your ideal customer. This is necessary before you start writing and placing your marketing messages. More news to follow.


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