Five Ways to Use Social Media to Establish and Nourish Connections

06 Apr

Telling the Internet you’re an expert is wonderful and using these services is fun, but if you have no connections, nobody will know you exist. That’s when establishing and nourishing connections comes into play.

As I said earlier, people like to connect with other people. People connect with those who have similar backgrounds, interests, and occupations. I’ve seen many strategies to establish and nourish connections. Here are the strategies that work for me.

  1. Quote famous people. I have found web sites listing quotes by Paul McCartney and Napoleon Hill. I simply copy and paste them into my online postings. I send these quotes to my blog, which creates shortcuts at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I do not know why posting 14 days of Paul McCartney quotes establishes connections—I just know that re-quoting works.
  2. Share your challenges and successes. I wrote (from my cell phone), “I am halfway through a 56-mile bike ride to Discovery Park. I battled a strong headwind getting here and it was dandy don wonderful. Let’s turn around and make this wind push my butt back to El Dorado County.”
  3. Volunteer free and helpful advice. I wrote, “I use a free tool called the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, at MBSA compares your computer’s settings to Microsoft recommendations and also tells you if you have all the updates you need. It is one of the most valuable tools I use.”
  4. Share birthday greetings. Facebook will notify you when your friends have birthdays. Send them a quick note or post birthday greetings on their Wall. People love receiving birthday greetings.
  5. Share jokes. I wrote, “For those who think all I do is work, here is a joke. An electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a software engineer are driving in a car. All of a sudden, the engine dies and the car rolls to a stop. The electrical engineer says, ‘Hmm, it must be the battery. Let me get my tools, come back, and take a look.’ The mechanical engineer says, ‘It must be the alternator. Let me get my tools, come back, and take a look.’ The software engineer says, ‘Why don’t we jump out, hop back in, and see what happens?’”

These work. They show that I have a life outside of work and they help establish connections. I aggressively pursued my first 1,000 Facebook Friends. The subsequent 1,700 found and connected with me.


Mark Anthony Germanos is the President of Cameron Park Computer Services, a premier Sacramento IT company providing IT services, IT solutions and IT support. Cameron Park Computer Services moves clients to the Cloud. “The Cloud is among the best IT solutions we’ve ever offered,” says Germanos, “I’ve been in the IT service and IT support business since 1992. When you run your business in the Cloud, your data is always available, available from anywhere and the cost is usually less. Does your IT company offer IT services, IT support and CloudU certified staff that can provide today’s IT solutions at affordable prices”? Cameron Park Computer Services does.


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