Choose your vendors

27 Mar

Being president of You, Inc. also means you get to choose your vendors. Life is good when you have vendors you can trust. Life is awful when you don’t.

For example, I want to discuss my car. I drive a 2000 Honda Civic and take it to a local Honda dealership for service. They know my car’s make and model. They also have a 10-plus-year history on my specific car. They know what service was performed last year, the year before, and the year before that. They know when the timing chain was installed, when the front bushings were replaced, and when the seat belt tension was adjusted. I recently took my car there for a squeaky noise and a 175,000-mile scheduled maintenance. I do not know what is on the 175,000-mile scheduled maintenance checklist…I don’t have to.

You may be saying, “Mark, the dealer is expensive. Can you take your car somewhere else?” Yes, I probably could. I could probably find someone cheaper, but I probably won’t find someone with more competence than the dealer’s mechanics. I may be paying more than necessary for routine maintenance. That’s OK. My car is not a laboratory for cheap mechanics. I don’t want to think about a cheap mechanic or his or her insufficient knowledge when I’m driving through a thunderstorm at midnight. That’s why I go to the dealer. They have the expertise and have earned my loyalty. I don’t have to think about them.

This may be a bitter pill. I am asking you to think like a business owner. I’m asking you to ask yourself how every dollar you spend will help your business. I’m asking you to leave town for training, conferences, and seminars only when the benefit outweighs the cost. I’m asking you to choose reputable vendors even if they’re not the cheapest you can find.


Mark Anthony Germanos is the President of Cameron Park Computer Services, a premier Sacramento IT company providing IT services, IT solutions and IT support. Cameron Park Computer Services moves clients to the Cloud. “The Cloud is among the best IT solutions we’ve ever offered,” says Germanos, “I’ve been in the IT service and IT support business since 1992. When you run your business in the Cloud, your data is always available, available from anywhere and the cost is usually less. Does your IT company offer IT services, IT support and CloudU certified staff that can provide today’s IT solutions at affordable prices”? Cameron Park Computer Services does.


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