Connect with 10 people

14 Mar

If you think your social media efforts are not paying off, it could be because you’re not connecting with enough people. You can build a good habit by finding 10 people online who are very active and connecting with them. This includes posting on their page (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) at least once a week or merely responding to something they posted. Start by finding 10 people who are more visible than you. Yes my friends, you can add me to the list. I’m at and


Mark Anthony Germanos is the President of Cameron Park Computer Services, a premier Sacramento IT company providing IT services, IT solutions and IT support. Cameron Park Computer Services moves clients to the Cloud. “The Cloud is among the best IT solutions we’ve ever offered,” says Germanos, “I’ve been in the IT service and IT support business since 1992. When you run your business in the Cloud, your data is always available, available from anywhere and the cost is usually less. Does your IT company offer IT services, IT support and CloudU certified staff that can provide today’s IT solutions at affordable prices”? Cameron Park Computer Services does.


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