6-month strategy timeline to quitting your job and becoming self-employed FREE Webinar. Escape your cubicle…do not leave your career up to fate

21 Oct

Anybody out there hate your job? Here’s the answer! Escape the Cubicle: How to leave your corporate or government job for something better. This free webinar at Escape the Cubicle Free Webinar is for anybody who: wants to quit but is afraid to do so, is afraid they will get downsized or is afraid their employer will go out of business. It happens next Friday at 9:00 AM.

You do not have to be afraid. Trade in your apprehension for empowerment. This webinar will present a 6-month Exit Strategy Timeline to help you gracefully and smartly transition from your unfulfilling job to self-employment. You will learn how to use social media as a business tool, how to perform your own SWOT Analysis and how to run your business like a business, not like a hobby.

Do not delay. If you’re working for somebody else, you’re not really in control of your career. This is your chance to fix that. Register today at Escape the Cubicle Free Webinar.


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