Do your customers see high quality in your products and services?

14 Oct

We all have something in common. We can identify high quality. This is an innate feeling we get when we know a service is being performed superbly or a product is great. You have to know how your products and services are being perceived.

I take my car to a local Honda dealer. They do scheduled maintenance and keep my car running well. I do not have to think about the engine, bushings, brakes, fuel injector and transmission complexities when the Honda shop services my car. I have a high level of trust in the staff. They also have maintained that trust for nearly 10 years. I see the high quality work they do. That’s why I am loyal.

I also have a favorite sushi restaurant here in the Sacramento area. Their food and presentation are consistently excellent. I take clients there and am consistently impressed. I do not know what separates good sushi from the bad; I just know how to identify good sushi. This place has it.

Other people recognize high quality. When I first discovered this restaurant chain, it was a chain of two restaurants. Excellent sushi and smart decision making have created a mountain of success and now that chain has eight restaurants. People cannot get enough. People stand in line for sushi at this chain’s restaurants.

Let me challenge you. With the product or service you offer, do you innately sense high quality? Do you know it is great without really asking yourself? Let’s look at your customers. They also recognize high quality. Are they sensing the high quality in your products and services? You have to know. Would your customers wait in line for your product or service, like they do at my sushi restaurant? We all recognize great quality. It is innate. You have to know how highly your customers perceive your quality.


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