Everybody needs a CostCo Hill

24 Sep

On my weekly bike rides, I travel up a very steep hill. Local cyclists call this hill CostCo Hill, since it begins at a local CostCo store. When you finally reach the top, you are at the highest point in Sacramento County. The ride is steep and brutal. You get wind in your face and no shade. Most cyclists stop many times and catch their breath before resuming the climb. Conquering CostCo Hill is an accomplishment. Conquering CostCo Hill without stopping for rest is an even bigger accomplishment.

You need a CostCo Hill. You need a place where you can set an ambitious goal and work toward reaching it. Accomplishing this goal will not be easy and you will probably fail on your first few attempts. I am presenting these traits of an ambitious goal.

1.       It has not been accomplished (by you)

2.       It is measurable

3.       It can be broken into bite-sized pieces

Let’s return to CostCo Hill and apply these traits.

1.       My first 10 climbs were not successful. I had to stop multiple times and catch my breath. If it was 100 degrees and sunny, the climb was more challenging.

2.       My measurable goal: climb CostCo Hill with no stops along the way.

3.       My first climb involved eight stops. My second involved seven stops. My fifth involved four stops. My eighth and ninth involved two stops. Only on the 10th climb did I finally reach the top with no stops.

Let’s return to your life. Perhaps something is awaiting your ambition. It may be a new job, transition to self-employment or embrace of a healthier lifestyle. Whatever it is, apply my three traits (above). Let’s suppose you set a goal of transitioning into self-employment. Rather ambitious, I’d say. Let’s apply the traits.

1.       You have been someone else’s employee all your working life.

2.       You want a month when none of your income is derived from a paycheck or employer. No wages or salary from anybody else. All your income comes from clients/customers, rents or investments.

3.       You start by performing a SWOT Analysis, then you decide what you want to do, then you write a business plan then you go into business for yourself.

This is not easy. If it were easy, you probably would have accomplished it already. It is, however, ambitious and rewarding.

Also available at Everybody needs a CostCo Hill.


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