22 Jul


For Immediate Release

Company: Cameron Park Computer Services

Contact: Mark Anthony Germanos

Phone: 530-677-8864

Do you want to quit your unfulfilling corporate or government job but feel afraid to do so?

Escape the Cubicle: How to leave your corporate or government job for something better is for you. It shows you how to identify what you really want to do, create a realistic business plan, utilize social media and use today’s modern technology to plan, start and run your own business wisely. It presents the tools to pinpoint where you are strong and where you are weak, see the opportunities that warrant your time, energy and attention, and identify external factors that threaten your livelihood. Escape the Cubicle also presents an “Exit Strategy Timeline” to help you gracefully transition from employeedom to the wonderful world of self-employment.

People who are fed up with their corporate or government jobs, who worry about downsizing, have grown tired of office politics, or feel they could be more productive if self-employed… will find Escape the Cubicle very valuable.

The author, Mark Anthony Germanos, has been a computer networking consultant since 1992. He has seen habits successful companies embrace and bad practices of failing companies. He is able to walk into a business and within 10 minutes tell if the business is successful or not.

Karl Palachuk, also a computer networking consultant and author, had this to say about Escape the Cubicle: “When you are considering leaving your job for the wild unknown of ‘self-employment,’ the world can be a very lonely place. You don’t know what you’ll expect or how best to proceed. Escape the Cubicle is a great resource if you’re considering the big leap. I wish I had had a guide like this when I made the jump! When you decide to strike out on your own, there are lots of variables you think about like business licenses and taxes. Mark does a great job covering all the variables you probably never thought about.”

This book is a trusty guide that will help you transition into self-employment with confidence, wisdom and focus. The book is in print format at

Full contact information:

Mark Anthony Germanos

530-677-8864 phone, 888-699-5046 fax

3450 Palmer Drive #4-286

Cameron Park, CA USA 95682


E-mail: mark



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