Exit Strategy Timeline-April

05 Jul

April: Get business-class tools

· Purchase a smartphone that lets you send/receive e-mail, take pictures, surf the web, and back up data to a computer. You won’t always be at a desk, but customers will assume you are usually available.

· Buy an accounting package. I recommend QuickBooks. You can run your business on this. Spend time learning it, or, if you’re too busy or uncomfortable, hire someone to do this for you.

· Get a business-class computer. The primary factor here is price. The business-class computers I resell cost $900 and last 5+ years. You should expect this from a tool that you will use to run your business. I’m not talking about a $300 big-box netbook special here. I’m talking about a business-class computer that you will use exclusively for the business. Buy a $300 special for the kids. That will help keep them away from your business-class tool.

· Use an offsite backup mechanism. I discuss offsite backups and the cloud at length in this book. Review both strategies and decide which one you will embrace. Remember, something is better than nothing.

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