Exit Strategy Timeline-January

29 Jun

January: Review your relationship with your employer

· Review your personnel file. Verify the vacation and sick time you’ve accrued and at what rate you are accruing them. Look for any derogatory items in your file. Seek out the author and ask for either an explanation or retraction. Write a memo that contests everything the author said. For example, suppose someone complained she saw you drinking alcohol on company property. Write your memo contesting her claims, saying either you have never consumed alcohol on company property or it was at a social event (holiday party, new customer celebration, etc.) and your boss granted permission. Be honest. You may need your employer as a reference. Make sure your file paints you in a positive light. Anything derogatory must be outweighed by something favorable.

· Look for any noncompeting contracts. They may be in the personnel file or they may be somewhere else in the boss’s or HR office. Someone will probably ask, “Why do you want to know?” Say you may be starting a business someday.

· Get the insurance details. Find out how much you and your employer (combined) are paying for your insurance. Make sure this amount includes what you (combined) are paying for your family.

· Get your own copy of Escape the Cubicle. If you borrowed this from a friend, thank that friend for letting you borrow it. You should have your own copy so that you can make notes in the margins and dog-ear pages. You’ll have access to this book 24 hours a day. It is available in paperback at modest pricing. Make a small investment here and get your own copy.

From Escape the Cubicle


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