Time for a SWOT Analysis

09 Jun

I’ve been in hundreds, if not thousands, of companies since 1992. I’ve seen habits that successful companies embrace and habits that seem to exist only at companies barely surviving. I can come in, perform a SWOT Analysis and Action Plan and help you become more successful. This report will help you transform your bad habits into habits that successful companies embrace.

You also need an outsider to perform the SWOT Analysis and Action Plan. An outsider can find issues that may be very obvious to an outsider while an insider doesn’t think twice about them. An insider may be the person who created the bad habit(s) in the first place.

In case a SWOT Analysis is new to you, see SWOT Analysis for more info. I recommend performing a SWOT Analysis at least monthly. I also recommend having an outsider perform the first. You will get more objective and valuable results with an outsider.


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