You have two options for your health insurance

03 Jun

You can find individual insurance or group insurance. With an individual plan, you pay for insurance for yourself. This works to your benefit if you have a history of low medical costs and few (if any) trips to the emergency room. Insurance companies see you as a good risk and will reward you with lower premiums. The opposite is also true. If you have a history of high medical costs and multiple trips to the emergency room, you become a higher risk. Insurance companies will respond with higher premiums. You may or may not find a plan that works.

You can also buy group insurance. In this case, you would buy insurance for your company, make all your employees part of the plan, and then pay premiums. This may include family members. This works to your benefit if everybody is young and healthy, but the opposite is also true. This may end up being cheaper or more expensive than an individual plan, and it may or may not be an option for your particular circumstances. Federal health insurance policy is subject to change. I am not an insurance agent and this book is not an insurance-buying guide, so check with an insurance agent in your area to see what is available and what works best for you. From Escape the Cubicle


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