What if your boss finds out you are doing something on the side?

24 May

People hesitate to do any work on the side because they fear the boss would find out and then fire them. On one side, that could be true. You could have a boss who would fire an employee if he found out that person was moonlighting, building a business, or doing something else on the side. That could happen.

On the flip side, the chances are very slim. You’re better off having an open conversation with your boss regarding your Definite Mission. Your boss would probably find out anyway. Your boss may overhear you discussing your Definite Mission with a coworker, find your research materials, or find this book in your cubicle. In my opinion, the chances of you getting fired are far less than your boss admiring you more and respecting your ambition.

With that being said…

Make sure your Definite Mission does not conflict with your current job or violate a noncompeting contract. Ask your boss or the human resources (HR) folks to see your file. This should contain any nondisclosure or noncompeting contracts that you’ve signed. If you’re selling cell phones at work and trying to do the same on the side, you may have a big conflict. If you are an auditor at work and a dance school instructor on the side, you may be in the clear. I know a dance instructor who teaches dance at night and audits contracts during the day. She says, “Dancing is in my heart but auditing contracts pays the bills.”

My challenge to you is: tell your boss. From Escape the Cubicle


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