Are You Ready For Less Money and More Work?

24 May

Are you expecting to get filthy rich without working hard? That is one of the reasons people enter self-employment. The opposite usually happens during the first few years. You invest in inventory, machinery, and training. You don’t have an established client base, a reputation, or good business practices yet. You spend significant personal time getting the business up and running. It isn’t easy. Most businesses fail within the first five years.

To overcome this, you need to talk with the man in the mirror. Ask if he is willing to work more for less money. Ask if he is willing to give up his elective comforts like European vacations, golf club memberships, and recreational boats for a few years. Ask if he will give up the $150-per-month TV service, weekly movie, dinner and wine with a spouse, and new clothes. Ask if he is secure enough to start a business without knowing what good or bad events will cross his path. Nothing is guaranteed in this world. That includes your business surviving five years. From Escape the Cubicle


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